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Chris playing
This is the web site for the Guitarist Chris Brown, specialising in Jazz and free improvisation.  I have had lessons with guitarists John Parricelli, Dave Cliff and Phil Robson, and studied with Julian Siegel, Simon Purcell, Roberto Pla, Mike Outram and Maggie Nichols and performed with Brian Davision (of the nice), Mark Sanders, Pat Thomas, Pete McPhail, Alexander Hawkins, Martin Picket and Dominic Lash amongst others.

Upcoming Gigs:

Trish Elphinstone Quintet
Mainstream and modern Jazz with  Trish Elphinstone (sax), Chris Brown (guitar),  Pete Simpson (bass) and
Tim Richardson (drums) and special guest  Dorothy Shaw (Piano)
where: The Half Moon, St Clements, Oxford

Wednesday 25 July 8:45 PM
how much: Free

Trish Elphinstone Quintet
Brazillian and modern Jazz with
Trish Elphinstone (sax), Chris Brown (guitar), Peter Simpson (bass) and Tim Richardson (drums)
where: The Half Moon, St Clements, Oxford

Wednesday 29 August 8:45 PM
how much: Free

Review of
                                                gig with Mark Sanders